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elastomeric roof coating

elastomeric roof coating

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elastomeric roof coating ,Waterproof Membrane of all kinds for sale are from China, Whose Price,Manufacturer,Supplier information provided by Gomix Building Materials (Guangzhou) Co., Limited, it was established in 2010, which is located in No.38, LongHu Road, Jiang Gao Town, Baiyun District.
The international trade company is dedicated to manufacturing and supplying Tile Adhesive,Water Proofing,Paint,Skim Coat,Tile Grout products, and has successively passed the attestations of ISO 9001:2008 ISO 14001:2004 SGS Audited Supplier system.
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Waterproof Membrane
Place Of Origin:
Guangdong China (mainland)
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Recommended Model: K13 High flex Waterproofing Slurry
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Detailed introduction to elastomeric roof coating

<td >ASTM S2240 : 91<td >DIN 1048<td >NaOCI-0.5%   NH4OH-1.25%  HCI-3.7%<td >BS 6920

   K13 High flex Waterproofing Slurry


Product Description
K13 High-Flex Waterproofing Slurry is a high flexible 2-part acrylic-modified cementitious waterproofing material. The 2-components of Gomix K13 react chemically after mixing to form a hard and elastic film which bonds tenaciously to most concrete or masonry substrate to protect against possible ingress of water.

Where to Use
1.AInterior and exterior surface of wall, swimming pools, kitchens, toilets, balcony, water tanks.

2.External areas parking deck, sealing precast joints and intersection of two concrete elements.
3.Protection to lightweight blocks, hollow blocks, aerated blocks and roof.

1.2 components eliminate risk of incorrect mixing ratio
2.Seals lightweight aerated blocks
3.Seals precast joints
4.Anti-carbonation protection

6.Highly flexible and elastic




Tensile Strength


ASTM D412-92

Elongation at break   

> 200%

ASTM D412-92

Adhesion to concrete

> 1.2 N/mm2

ASTM D4541

Hardness Shore A

> 95

ASTM S2240 : 91

Improves water resistance of concrete

by more than 7 times @ 0.2kgf/cm2


DIN 1048

Chemical resistance


NaOCI-0.5%   NH4OH-1.25%  HCI-3.7%



BS 6920

Flexible over 25mm diameter mandrel



Bridge cracks up to 2mm



Water vapour transmission


– < 25g/m2 /24 hrs

Chloride Content


< 0.01%

Pot Life (@30°C)


Approx. 2 hours

Drying Time (30°C) Touch Dry


Approx. 1 - 3 hours

Foot Trafficable


4 hours

Ponding Test


24 hours after application



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The factory,office information

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Producing area: China
Business type: Trading Company
Main Products: Tile Adhesive,Water Proofing,Paint,Skim Coat,Tile Grout
Address: No.38, LongHu Road, Jiang Gao Town, Baiyun District
Tel: 0086----13699747462
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